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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

November 26, 2012

ChefWorld Inc., a company that provides products that improve the overall healthfulness of cooking, advocates for the use of stainless steel cookware for a number of functional and environmental reasons.

When properly cared for, stainless steel cookware can last a lifetime. Stainless steel does not easily rust or chip, and when cleaned immediately after use, the silken surface of stainless steel offers effortless cleaning that will rarely require scrubbing. Hand wash stainless steel cookware with warm, soapy water prior to initial use. Most cleaners are safe to use on stainless steel, though bleach and ammonia should always be avoided.

In regards to health and sanitation, stainless offers obvious benefits. One of the most hygienic surfaces in the world, this metal provides a completely non-porous surface, which prevents bacteria and grime from finding a place to hide.

A top choice from an ecological standpoint, stainless steel lasts a lifetime, but can be recycled if needed. This material also does not add any noticeable flavor of its own. Unlike teflon and similar types of cookware, stainless steel does not introduce chemicals into the food when heated.

In business for more than three decades, ChefWorld Inc. offers a large variety of clean, environmentally friendly cookware and cleaning systems. A favorite among health-conscious brides and grooms, ChefWorld Inc. offers marital registry.

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