About Chef World Inc

Committed to locating, selecting, creating, and distributing quality products, Chef World Inc. offers a range of practical home products to customers across the nation. Best known for its cookware, Chef World Inc. touts 23-piece, 15-piece, 8-piece, and jumbo premium sets that include saucepots, stockpots, frying pans, steamers, double boilers, grill pans, and skillets. Because all cooks need cutting implements with which to prepare food, Chef World Inc. also offers its customers 5-piece kitchen knife sets, 4-piece carving sets, steak knife sets, and full 18-piece sets.

After food preparation, food service requires dishware on which to serve the meals. Chef World Inc. presents customers with a selection of fine china, crystal, and tableware, all of which come with lifetime warranties, lifetime open stock, half-price replacement options, and a five-year exchange policy. Attending to other household needs, Chef World Inc. vends a water filtration system with replaceable parts, serving as an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to buying bottled water. For those interested in fresh fruit and vegetable juice, the company offers the Xtractor power juicer, which employs a spiral shaped unit that squeezes juice out without grating the fruit or vegetable. Helping its customers keep their homes fresh and clean, Chef World Inc. also provides an air filtration system that cleans air using a negative ionizer.

Its modern design includes indicator lights for cleaning and replacing filters; a dust sensor, so the system will adjust to varying conditions as needed; and a sleek, nature inspired look. It also operates on auto and sleep modes. The Chef World Inc. home cleaning system captures wet and dry dirt and deodorizes and sanitizes indoor air. The vacuum’s telescoping wand, headlamp, and high-power edge features make cleaning easier, more efficient, and thorough. Offering special promotions to brides, Chef World Inc. invites a percentage of those who register to participate in its national advertising campaign and earn complimentary gifts, such as wedding bands or vacation packages. For more information regarding the company, its products, and its promotions, visit www.chefworldinc.com.

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