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About the PureAmbience Brand of Air Filtration Systems, By ChefWorld Inc.

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PureAmbience, a quality brand of air filtration devices, currently offers products that represent an upgrade over the previous PureAmbienceT line. These upgrades include indicators that track the condition of filters and inform owners when filters need to be changed, a dust sensor that detects the presence of air particulates, and an aesthetically pleasing sleek and natural appearance. Moreover, the newer air filtration appliances have a 30 percent greater clean air delivery rate and a negative ionizer, both of which promote a higher standard of filtration.

The PureAmbience brand furnishes two products with the above upgrades. The PureAmbience Deluxe II provides air filtration solutions tailored to rooms with square footage as high as 325. For customers in the market for something smaller, the PureAmbience Compact II offers the same high professional standard of air filtration to areas of more modest size.

Interested customers can learn more about PureAmbience products and their six filtration stages, as well as examine images of the most current models, on the ChefWorld Inc. website at


Properly Caring for Stainless Steel Cookware, By ChefWorld Inc.

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Whether you are an amateur cook, a foodie, or a professional chef, maintaining cookware represents as important a priority as choosing quality ingredients. After investing in high quality stainless steel cookware, consumers ought to care for their purchase according to certain best practices.

First, break up food particles adhering to cookware by soaking the cookware in sudsy water for at least an hour. If the stuck-on food refuses to budge, bring the sudsy water to a boil on the range. Next, avoid abrasive sponges and cloths when washing cookware. Moreover, avoid cleaning chemicals with an ammonia or bleach base. For a safe cleaning alternative, rub baking soda into the stainless steel cookware with a soft sponge to promote an attractive shine.

While experts disagree about the effect of dishwashers on the integrity of stainless steel cookware, the heat drying cycle attracts the most concern. Conscientious owners should consider removing stainless steel cookware from the dishwasher and hand drying.

ChefWorld Inc., a company dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products, offers cookware manufactured with surgical T304S stainless steel. Learn more about ChefWorld Inc. at

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

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ChefWorld Inc., a company that provides products that improve the overall healthfulness of cooking, advocates for the use of stainless steel cookware for a number of functional and environmental reasons.

When properly cared for, stainless steel cookware can last a lifetime. Stainless steel does not easily rust or chip, and when cleaned immediately after use, the silken surface of stainless steel offers effortless cleaning that will rarely require scrubbing. Hand wash stainless steel cookware with warm, soapy water prior to initial use. Most cleaners are safe to use on stainless steel, though bleach and ammonia should always be avoided.

In regards to health and sanitation, stainless offers obvious benefits. One of the most hygienic surfaces in the world, this metal provides a completely non-porous surface, which prevents bacteria and grime from finding a place to hide.

A top choice from an ecological standpoint, stainless steel lasts a lifetime, but can be recycled if needed. This material also does not add any noticeable flavor of its own. Unlike teflon and similar types of cookware, stainless steel does not introduce chemicals into the food when heated.

In business for more than three decades, ChefWorld Inc. offers a large variety of clean, environmentally friendly cookware and cleaning systems. A favorite among health-conscious brides and grooms, ChefWorld Inc. offers marital registry.

Selecting and Maintaining High Quality Knives

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Attribution: By WLU (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Every cook should have a selection of quality knives at his or her disposal. The availability of these tools can make preparation easier and less time consuming. Since high-quality knives can be a steep investment, one must select and care for them properly.

First, the budding chef should try using a set of knives before making a purchase, if possible. The right knife set will feel good in hand and have weight to it without being too heavy. One must also ensure that the handle fits well in his or her hand.

A good set of basic knives will include cleaver, chef’s, serrated, filet, paring, and utility knives. Other useful knives include Chinese chef’s, boning, and carving knives.

Once the set is purchased, one must keep the knives sharp and well maintained. Ensuring that they are always clean and dry will prevent them from rusting. Generally, it is preferable to hand wash knives rather than placing them in an automatic dishwasher.

The best place to store knives is in a wooden block or some other easily accessible place. One should not store sharp knives in a silverware drawer, unless they are covered in a protective sheath, because digging for knives is dangerous for the cook and rubbing against silverware can damage the blade.

Established in 1979, ChefWorld Inc. stands as a premier cookware supply company that offers a range of high-quality kitchen tools and accessories.

Title: The Six Step Air Filtration Process

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

ChefWorld, Inc. is known primarily for its stainless steel cookware, but the company also offers a range of other household products including a line of air filters. These filters combine several different layers to thoroughly clean the air they process. Each step of the filtration process removes a different type of pollutant:

Step One: Pre-filter – This layer catches large dust, pet hair, and other particles big enough to be caught easily.
Step Two: Deodorization Filter – The second layer removes odors from the air by trapping gases, smoke, and other odor-causing impurities.
Step Three: Skybio Filter – This antibacterial layer traps microscopic mold and bacteria, plus tiny dust particles. It has been shown to reduce the incidence of Influenza A as well.
Step Four: HEPA Filter – A HEPA filter removes dust particles down to 0.3 microns in size.
Step Five: Antimicrobial Fan – This fan helps keep mold and bacteria from growing inside the unit.
Step Six: Silver Ion Filter – The last layer uses ionized silver particles to rupture the cell walls of dangerous bacillus bacteria, rendering them harmless.

By combining all six of the above processes, the air filtration units offered by ChefWorld, Inc. clean and freshen the air wherever they are placed. Both large and small units are available, making them an ideal solution for any size room.

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