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About the PureAmbience Brand of Air Filtration Systems, By ChefWorld Inc.

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment

PureAmbience, a quality brand of air filtration devices, currently offers products that represent an upgrade over the previous PureAmbienceT line. These upgrades include indicators that track the condition of filters and inform owners when filters need to be changed, a dust sensor that detects the presence of air particulates, and an aesthetically pleasing sleek and natural appearance. Moreover, the newer air filtration appliances have a 30 percent greater clean air delivery rate and a negative ionizer, both of which promote a higher standard of filtration.

The PureAmbience brand furnishes two products with the above upgrades. The PureAmbience Deluxe II provides air filtration solutions tailored to rooms with square footage as high as 325. For customers in the market for something smaller, the PureAmbience Compact II offers the same high professional standard of air filtration to areas of more modest size.

Interested customers can learn more about PureAmbience products and their six filtration stages, as well as examine images of the most current models, on the ChefWorld Inc. website at