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Selecting and Maintaining High Quality Knives

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Attribution: By WLU (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Every cook should have a selection of quality knives at his or her disposal. The availability of these tools can make preparation easier and less time consuming. Since high-quality knives can be a steep investment, one must select and care for them properly.

First, the budding chef should try using a set of knives before making a purchase, if possible. The right knife set will feel good in hand and have weight to it without being too heavy. One must also ensure that the handle fits well in his or her hand.

A good set of basic knives will include cleaver, chef’s, serrated, filet, paring, and utility knives. Other useful knives include Chinese chef’s, boning, and carving knives.

Once the set is purchased, one must keep the knives sharp and well maintained. Ensuring that they are always clean and dry will prevent them from rusting. Generally, it is preferable to hand wash knives rather than placing them in an automatic dishwasher.

The best place to store knives is in a wooden block or some other easily accessible place. One should not store sharp knives in a silverware drawer, unless they are covered in a protective sheath, because digging for knives is dangerous for the cook and rubbing against silverware can damage the blade.

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